Dear Students,

Welcome to the website for Geological Engineering Department at the Balıkesir University. On this website, you can find information about the research, teaching and events occurring in the department.

The main goal of our department, which was established in 2003 and improved significantly since then, is excellence in education both on graduate and undergraduate levels. Our dynamic and highly motivated faculty members are graduated from well-known universities and are currently working on various different research areas.  Our experienced faculty members prepare students for a wide range of professions within the geological engineering. During the courses, students learn basics of geology and essential research techniques while they gain experience by doing field trips and hands-on laboratory experiments.

The main research areas of geological engineering are investigating the processes that formed and shaped our planet by using many different techniques, exploring ore deposits, petroleum reservoirs and water sources, understanding earthquake mechanisms and examining rocks and soils for construction purposes. Graduates from our program can be employed in the petroleum, mining and construction companies as well as in government agencies such as MTA, TPAO, DSİ and universities.

If you need more information about geological engineering or about our department, you are encouraged to use this site or contact any faculty member directly. We wish you join us here in the University of Balıkesir.

Prof. Dr. Cemal Bölücek