In Balıkesir State Engineering and Architecture Academy, Department of Geological Engineering was established in 2003. In 1982-1983, Balıkesir State Engineering and Architecture Academy was attached to Uludağ University as Balıkesir Engineering Faculty. Our department, which has adopted quality and dynamism as its principle in teaching, has given a very serious and current education. Department of Geological Engineering contains totaly 16 facult members such as Prof.Dr (3), Assoc.Prof.Dr. (3), Assist.Prof.Dr. (4), Res.Ass. (5) and the Specialist (1). The department currently has four divisions such as General Geology, Applied Geology, Ore Deposits-Geochemistry and Mineralogy-Petrography.

Graduated students have opportunity to work in some fields such as house and industrial buildings, transportation construction such as Regional Geology, Tectonic Lines, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Ore Deposits, Road and Railway, Geotecnics, Industrial Raw Materials.

The department aims to provide contemporary vocational education in both undergraduate level and graduate level and to carry out theoretical and practical research projects. In the department, there are 6 laboratories so-called “Magmatic and metamorphic Petrography”, “Sedimantary Petrography”, “Sedimentology”, Ore Deposits”, “Conodont Exraction” and “Thin-section preparation”.

The department of Geological Engineering has educated in roughly up to 500 students since 2003.